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Bible Quiz: Esther

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1) Esther was a young Jewish woman who lived around 600 B.C., and became the queen of the Persian king Ahasuerus. Why was Ahasuerus looking for a queen?

Queen Vashti had died of a fever she got while visiting Egypt.

He had banished Queen Vashti after she refused to display herself for his guests.

He had banished Queen Vashti for plotting against him.

He had personally executed Queen Vashti for plotting against him.

2) Why did Ahasuerus choose Esther as his queen?

Her older cousin, Mordecai, was very wealthy and had gained the king's favor.

He thought having a Jewish queen would win him favor among the large Jewish population.

The king ordered all the most beautiful women of the empire brought to his harem so he could choose a new queen. Esther was his favorite.

The king saw her bathing one day while he was on the roof of the palace, and ordered her brought to his harem.

3) How did Esther save the Jewish population of the Persian Empire?

She exposed a plot by the king's advisor, Haman, to kill the Jews and seize their property

She exposed a plot by an army commander, Hegai, to assassinate the king's advisors and blame it on the Jews.

She convinced the king to protect the Jews from gangs of bandits who were killing them and stealing their property

She rallied the Jews to defend themselves against persecution by the Persian army.

4) Which Jewish feast commemorates Esther's heroic act?



Rosh Hashanah

Yom Kippur