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Bible Quiz: Parable of the Two Sons

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1) In His Parable of the Two Sons, Jesus tells a story of a man who asks both his sons to go work in his vineyard. The first son said, "I will not," while the second son replied, "I will, sir." What did the first son do then?

He took his inheritance and wasted it on wild living in another country.

He changed his mind and worked in the vineyard anyway.

He accused his father of child abuse.

He sent a slave to work in his place.

2) What did the second son do?

He worked all day and pleased his father greatly.

He worked a while but spent most of the day napping under a tree.

He never worked in the vineyard at all.

He sent a slave to work in his place.

3) Which son did what his father wanted him to do?

The first son

The second son

Neither son

Both sons

4) What is the moral of the parable?

What we profess about our faith is more important than our actions.

Honor your father and mother.

What we prove by our actions matters more than what we profess about our faith.

God will save all who call upon his name.